Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's already the middle of January

It seems I get more involved in more things and forget to keep up with some of them, my blog included. As I sit here in my recliner, typing on my netbook, Glen is sitting in his recliner playing on his laptop. Boy, aren't we a pair. LOL

It has been a couple of busy months, but that doesn't seem like any kind of new news around here anymore. We got a family picture at Thanksgiving, but that photo is on the desktop, so I will add another blog with photo later. :-)

For Christmas, it was great to have our kids all here. We did get a special, early Christmas present December 7th when Rachel and Mike told us they are expecting!! There is only one Dr in town that is taking new OB patients but Rach can't get in to see him until January 27th, so we are still waiting for a due date. I think we are all waiting for a due date!!!!

We have had some cold temps this winter, but very little moisture. We did have a sort of White Christmas, only because there was a little snow on the ground Christmas day. Not enough to cover the ground, so it wasn't a pretty White Christmas. Our snowiest months are March and April, and hopefully we will get some moisture to get us into spring. We aren't missing the mud that comes with the moisture tho. LOL

With a baby coming, Rachel and Mike will be postponing their move for a while. We aren't going to complain! It will be nice to have a grandbaby to spoil for a while!! :-)

I was quite busy with quilting until New Years. Then I had a little break to get back into the swing of things. I always seem to need a couple of weeks to come down from all the high of the holiday activites. I have done some quilting, but mostly for me on small things. I have a customers quilt I will put on the frame in 2 days and another new customer/friend is sending me 2 to quilts from Montana. I'm very excited to quilt these for her!!

My next blog will be made from the desktop, then I can add photos!!!! LOL
Until then, Happy Quilting!!