Thursday, May 21, 2009

A break in the heat

The past 3 days have been unbearable with the temps in the mid 90's. But, today is a nice relief with the low 70's. I'm watching and big storm southwest of us, it's moving our direction. Hopefully it will disipate some before it gets to us as there are 1"-2" size hail stones right now.

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get back to quilting. I'm now working on things that have been in the works so I can get started on Rach's Trip Around the World. I think I will be able to start that next week. Hopefully between now and then I will be able to get some of the sewing room and quilt studio cleaned up a bit. It's so easy to get disorganized down there. For it, it's disorganized chaos, but it's getting to disorganized for me now.

Will post some pics in a few days of what I've been working on. I do need to make a new bag, I need something bright and cheery. Time to pull out the binder with those patterns and pick one. Might have to squeeze that in this weekend.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sure am glad April is over

For 22 months I have worked part-time at Curves, on an as need basis. So, there were times when I didn't work for a month. That was no problem. Until this past month. Twelve days at 3 hours a day doesn't sound like much, but as soon as I closed up Curves at 1, I came to the shop until 5. So, by the time I got home and did something for dinner, I didn't want to quilt or anything else. I did manage to do a little crocheting and knitting in the evenings. Anyway, as of May 4, I am no longer employed with Curves. I now can hopefully get back to the quilting part of my life. Ü

Maybe I need to start a "to do" list of things that really need to get done in the next few months. With our daughter's wedding coming up in August, there is a lot that needs to get done. I have the fabric for her quilt, and it's been washed, but nothing else has been done. And I'm just ITCHING to start on it!! I have 2 customer quilts to get done first, so those will go on the top of the list I guess. Must work before I can play, even tho quilting is playing. Ü

Until next time, Happy Quilting